blest jones
Blest Jones is a singer-songwriter born and raised in Washington, DC and currently based in New York City. In his short time as an artist, Blest Jones has quickly proven that he has the talent and drive necessary to make it in the industry. He has a knack for deep vocal harmonies and deep lyrics. He has made some great tracks and songs that utilize this staple ability. Accumulating millions of streams across Youtube, Soundcloud, and Spotify, has caught him the attention of acclaimed artists like Bipolar Sunshine, Anderson Paak, Duskus, Just A Gent, Mickey Valen, Lucian, San Holo and other acclaimed artists around the globe. In 2017, Blest Jones teamed up with OLWIK to create his first single "Know You Better" which charted in Europe and Asia. More recently, in 2019, Blest released the electronic anthem entitled "Looking For Love" with Mickey Valen which has accumulated millions of streams across platforms and counting. Later in the year he released an EP with Paul Couture called "Givenchy" and has gained the attention of the fashion superpower. His latest release, "Nike" is the first of many singles leading up to the release of his debut album. Keep an eye on Blest Jones in the future.
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