what is goodstuff?

goodstuff is a Brooklyn-based multi-media artist collective and record label - focused on the intersection of art, culture, and community. goodstuff was founded in 2019 by CEO & Artist Manager, Avery Martinez, and Creative Director and artist, Adam Ginsberg. goodstuff is a Brooklyn-based artist collective and record label, established to help independent artists produce, showcase, and distribute goodstuff for everyone to see and hear. Beyond operating as a label, Goodstuff is a multimedia artist collective and marketplace, managing and distributing the work of visual artists, writers and a diverse range of creatives

goodstuff was created by artists, for artists; made up of a wide range of diverse independent musicians and freelance visual artists. We recognize the importance of artist development for independent artists, which is why we support our network of artists through every step. We assist our artists with management, publishing, distribution, promotion, music/film/visual art production, holding in-house events to showcase their work, as well as booking/management for tours/gigs.

stuff4good is an art driven & socially responsible organization, by goodstuff, focused on fostering the art community and promoting social welfare |stuff4good supports by providing the tools for creatives to produce social and cultural impact through network collaboration, sponsorship, and partnership.

As goodstuff is all about collaboration, we frequently work with artists outside of our collective, and are always looking to connect with new creatives. If you’re interested in working with us, please connect.

our team

CEO, Manager
Creative Director